Saturday, February 03, 2007

President Propaganda,and Mr Murdoch
Al Jazeera english is on air and I am totally addicted to it, ever since it switch on its digital signal I have switched off my daily staple of BBC, Sky news of which was getting boring Stupid celebrity news repetition of Britney spears dietary habits or Paris Hilton’s Bedroom gossips, Anna Nicole smiths promiscuous gossip, attractive only to lowest common denominator, but all this is not news, mere bulls and bears in celebrity stock trade chatter to increase or decrease pay cheques or bank Balances, I want to know about joys and sorrows of the real world, which I live and breathe in.

Al Jazeera English put it bluntly “setting the news Agenda” , The sister entity aljazeera Arabic is famous for breaking news and exclusives news stories, and an irreverent viewpoint on War on terror , issues in muslim world, a voice for silent majorities suffering the dictatorships in middle east American administration calls al jazeera “mouth piece of the terrorist” with videos of usama bin laden and beheading of American soldiers in Iraq ,American jets bombed Al Jazeera Bureau office in Baghdad and killed Journalist tareq Ayuob probably to silence the voice of “free journalism” and “freedom of Expression” , regardless of its reputation another perspective which is closest to the Al Jazeera Philosophy is looking at global news from a non- white ( Asian, African Latin American ) eyes.
Ever since the advent of Commerical satellite broadcasts , global audience has been continuously fed news and analysis from CNN and Mr Rupert Murdoch News corporations Fox (American continent),Sky(UK & Europe),Star (Asia) which control the leverage in public opinion and formation and assistance government propagandas and pro xenophobia Nazi (Europe ) and Zionist (Middle east ) agendas,
Al Jazeera’s Entry ( Gate crashing) in English language Global channels elite club has set alarm bells ringing in Washington media tycoon circle, which quickly responded by denying access to any cable or Satellite TV frequency over north America.
video streaming internet broadcasts are available at the moment

It will take some time to detoxify the airwaves of the poison of economic apartheid and racial and religious hatred across Europe, America and Mr Murdoch’s own (not native as he is not aborigines) Australia, yet the multi billionaire and his heir son remain hopelessly in spell of a theocratic racist ideologoly known as zionism,their Patriotic loyalty to tiny religious(last bastion of apartheid) state of Israel rather than Australia or any other democratic country.
soon to be aired programme BBC , confirms my suspicions about the cosy relationship betweem Mr Bliar and Mr Murdoch

any way Al Jazeera is Far from" Jihad TV" that zionist mokingly call it, its multi ethnic multi religious team of anchors
(including Jewish )who are fimilar faces and household names in Europe and america ,probably disillusioned from the big news corporations suffocating environment and glass ceiling & favouritism , are trying to fit into daily schedules of global TV audience with a mix of intellectual debate, news analysis as well as western style travel documentaries, fashion and lifestyle shows, film reviews with a different take on things, an alternative view point.

There is a market for factual news reports, not senitised through subtle policy guidelines from government. these are other wise known as “self censorship” practiced by prudent journalists, but not people like myself. Al Jazeera inspires me to write and provides facts to cover a story better and with “every angle”

Al Jazeera gives a different perspective on news and people in power. Its sister concern in Arabic has a track record of credibility and English channel has gained unprecedented access and trust. In otherwise closed societies like North Korea and Iran and trouble spots like Darfur , Zimbabwe and southern Thailand locals trust al jazeera to tell their stories to the rest of the world.
It reports from vibrant and successful anti imperialist latin American quarters like cuba and Venezuela shunned by likes of CNN and Sky ,

While Fox ,BBC , DW refuse to cover dangerous areas, al jazeera bridges the communication gap talking to people in Taliban controlled areas in Afghanistan and Insurgency hit neighborhoods in Iraq and live coverage of Israeli attacks on unarmed Palestinians, showing events that normally do not get attention of average European news reporter.

All western governments and especially profit monitoring committee of Mr Murdoch news corporation are watching these broadcasts with horror and disappointment is growing in the neo con and evangelical media damage limitation Task forces
Hopefully this first drops of rain in the barren land of media will open the flood gates of free flow of information to the global public opinion