Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pakistan under siege

Update 15th April 2007 Karachi Pakistan
Pakistan under siege
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Dil Nawaz

Past week has rattled nerves and heightened fears for personal safety and security of family, despite being located in most militarized part of Pakistani Army GHQ city of Rawalpindi. A stone throw away from Departure lounge of Islamabad international airport where a suicide bomber tried to throw hand grenades on passengers.
Proximity to army installations is more of a curse than a sense of safety.
Six members of Pakistan Peoples Party (only credible mass representative party with any genuine democratic and anti establishment credentials left despite two stints in power ) were killed by the Pakistan Muslim League hit men of neo Liberal "made in Citi bank USA" imported prime minister shuakat aziz , in the electoral constituency from where he was elected to become the premier on the wishes of "enlightened" dictator pervaiz musharaf. The Town of Attock is 40 miles from Rawalpindi. Its not a coincidence that murdered activist of secular Peoples Party all belonged to minority Shia sect. As a citizen with some sense of conscience and morality I could not bear the Agenda being pursued by "war of Terror" dictator Buddy of GW bush, I felt it would be criminal to remain a silent spectator in struggle against the neo liberal agendas in Pakistan and the push is coming to shove
Musharraf’s appeasement and compromises with the clerics in North west frontier and balochistan after the betrayal of Taliban in USA’s war on Terror has come back to haunt him , he cannot bury his head in sand and think "all is ok". Post 9/11 election victories in border provinces for Islamist parties provided them with finance and safe havens to spread death and destruction to the other parts of Pakistan.
The NGOs which I covered in my report on earth quake relief activities bear the brunt of attacks by militants encouraged by MMA government in NWFP last week there was shooting at save the children office in remote battagram district severely hit by quake and just yesterday bomb blast at office of Red Cross in provincial capital Peshawar.
In a related development girls from a madrassah (financed by islamist alliance)in capital Islamabad have occupied a children library protesting against demolition of a illegally constructed mosque, there were announcement from the loud speakers of the mosque warning government of suicide attacks (the airport attack happened couple days after that) if it tries to forcefully vacate the children’s library.
These girls holding Holy Qurans in one hand and heavy batons in the other are holding thousands of residents of nearby Lal Quarters ( a residential colony of mostly Christian cleaners and sanitary workers of government departments) virtually hostage.
The social workers, activists and journalists in Pakistan are trapped between the devil and deep sea because both the right wing islamist Taliban sympathizers and government Intelligence Agencies resort to encounter shooting and abductions and these abducted political workers and journalists are often brought back in body bags.
What’s happening in Pakistan is a low intensity conflict, NWFP and balochistan are in grip of full scale insurgency and it is quickly spreading to northern Punjab cities like rawalpindi, Islamabad. Religious killings of minorities like Ahmadis, Christians and even shia muslims donot raise any eye brows and reported like normal statistics in newspapers.

week ending 25th February saw killing of Women social Welfare minister Ms Zilla Huma Usman Killed by a Fanatic opposing the rights of women in islam, closure of Co-educational schools in NWFP after threats of suicide bombs and acid attacks on teachers " PREACHING" "WESTERN CIVILISATION" in these centres of sin- according to local clerics- these centres of sins are owned by none other than Mr Khurshid Kasuri -the Foregion Minister of Pakistan.
my youngest Sibling is a student at one of these unfortunate educational institutions, preparing for his GCSEs next Year.

The Brutalisation of Pakistani North West and Northern Punjab is Complete, this cancerous violence is spreading fast to Metropolitan cities like Lahore,pindi, Islamabad and Gujranwala where Woman minister was killed is only few miles away from Muredke the Head Quarters of Lashkar -Taiba (Jammat Dawah) - a terrorist cum preaching cum charity entity- promoting Taliban and Saudi doctrine of Wahabiism in Pakistan.

I am not very optimistic about the future survival of state of Pakistan as a religious ideological entity like Zionist Israel ,may be a new direction like Jinnah 's 11 August 1947 speech promising equality for all citizen irrespective of faith is the solution, but who will do the honours of implementing this new vision of pakistan.

American neo cons have already planned a balkanization of middle east and Pakistan detailed in Armed Forces defense journal The feeling among the middle class academia and intelligentsia is that of sitting ducks thanks to Front line state of War on terror, most wealthy and computer wiz kids are queuing up in front of Visa sections of Canada and Australia but 99% of the population does not have the luxury of emigration, their circumstances and patriotism keeps them grounded, genuine democracy participation and economic development is their only hope but musharaf and his buddy GW Bush do not intend to vacate presidential palaces anytime soon, ayman al zuwahairi and Usa-ma bin laden are comfortably sitting in safe houses with broadcast and communication facilities